October 27, 2008

Not Just Another Sunday. . .

I had the most amazing time Sunday afternoon!!!

I spent some time with T and K and we had so much fun!!

K and I sang songs to each other and have declared that
we are forever going to be best friends! T had the cutest
laugh and was a big fan of my snorting!! :)

Thank you all for having me out to your gorgeous
home! What a wonderful place to grow up!

Here are a couple of shots to hold you over until
I have your gallery ready for viewing! You can
click the images to see them larger. I hope you
love them as much as I do!


Mindy Harmon Photography said...

These are awesome captures! Great looking kiddos...and her smile in that last shot is way too cute!

Kristi Kaspar said...

These are gorgeous Michelle.... beautiful colors and light!

Kristy Kiser said...

I love all of the pics! Thank you so much! They are exactly what I wanted!