February 13, 2009

Sweet and New

I love to photograph newborns! The sessions typically last
a bit longer than a normal session, but the end result is so
very worth the effort.

This gorgeous babe is my new nephew. Isn't he the cutest thing?!?

He was 8 days old when I photographed him and we had
an amazing session! The key to a great session is to get
them early - between 6 and 14 days is ideal. If you're
expecting and would like to have your newborn photographed,
it's best to make a tentative appointment based on your
due date. We'll work out the details once your little one
arrives! :)


Lina said...

Michelle, this is just perfect!!! I love them all. Very light and airy, and the baby is such a cutie pie!

Kristi Kaspar said...

Gorgeous work M!

MARdre YiAMpo said...

You have TRULY outdone yourself! I am very very very VERY impressed! Your work is so great and top notch! I find it hard to believe that you are self taught! I LOVE the newborns! They are absolutely fantastic. your work is so nice that it makes ME want to take up photography, seriously. You are a true photographic artist and I am not just saying that. You really do have an a good eye NOT just a good camera. I rarely see friends photography that catches my eye and makes me say WOW but you my dear have done so.